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2012 April product recalls

2012 April product recalls

2012 April product recalls, April recalls, Consumers saw everything from dog food to almonds to grass trimmers recalled this month. Keep reading to see what other products were pulled from store shelves in April.According to an article in ABC News, most consumers do not receive notice of recalled products before they cause grave injury, because the news does not usually cover non-fatal or non-serious recalls. However, knowing about a dangerous product, only after the product has actually harmed someone is not the best way to ensure you and your loved ones are safe, particularly if you or your loved ones are the harmed.

A recent post commented on a 2012 product recall report. While the report asserted that the number of 2012 recalled products actually decreased, the number of injuries associated with such products increased from previous years. The post speculated that the failure to alert consumers to recalled products resulted in the increase in injury. If consumers are not aware that a product was recalled, they will not know to avoid use.

In fact, a major purpose of the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) is to create regulations and mandates that prevent injury from ever occurring. The 2011 report suggests that the CPSC is effective in ensuring manufacturers abide by mandates, resulting in a decrease in recalled products. However, if the public is not aware that a product is even recalled, injuries associate with that dangerous product will not decrease as well.

The best way to stay on top of dangerous products is to subscribe to the CPSC email alert system. When you sign up, the agency will send you updates directly. You can also search the CPSC database for recalled products if you suspect you are in possession of one, or even if you want to know a product you plan to buy second hand is safe. The database also lists products it considers dangerous, but that have not yet been recalled. Additionally, you can look up complaints associated with alleged dangerous products and report your own on the CSPC website. Finally, you can follow this blog.

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