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Ricky Bretherton exwife Pam leaves show

Ricky Bretherton exwife Pam leaves show, Billy the Exterminator is a reality show on A&E that follows a family business who specialize in pest control. Billy Bretherton is the heart and soul of Vexcon, the family business. The Louisiana business handles the worst pest and animal removal situations in the state. Billy runs Vexcon with the help of his brother Ricky, Big Bill his father, and his mother Donnie. While Donnie runs the office, Big Bill, Billy, and Ricky are in the field removing venomous snakes from people’s homes, exterminating fire ants, and eliminating dangerous alligators from private ponds. However, running a family business isn’t always fun and games. Billy’s wife, Mary, use to work at Vexcon until Billy’s family started interfering in their private affairs.
Vexcon – Everything is a Family Affair

It all started when rumors flew around the office about Mary being pregnant. Non-family Vexcon employees overheard a private conversation between Billy and Mary and what they were discussing was taken out of context. Donnie, thinking Mary was pregnant and she was never told, lit into Billy and Mary as soon as the came into the office from a job. Billy got frustrated with the whole situation because he doesn’t like rumors to begin with. This resulted in Billy being mad at Mary even though she didn’t start anything. This made Mary storm out of the office. Bill Sr. got into the act by trying to calm the situation down, but Mary was still upset and refused to have a conversation with him as well. After a day or two, Billy and Mary thought it was best if she resigned from Vexcon in hopes of preventing the family from being in their personal business. Billy isn’t the only Bretherton who suffers from the meddling parents.

Ricky had a rocky marriage that finally ended in divorce. The family including Billy didn’t like Rick’s wife, Pam, at all, especially Donnie. However, Rick claims that his wife was just like his mother, Donnie. It’s hard to decipher what kind of woman Pam was since she was rarely seen on camera. There was this one occasion when Pam showed up on a follow-up job that Rick and Billy were on. Billy wasn’t happy about it because she was being loud and kept jumping into Ricky’s arms in front of the client. It’s understandable why the family wasn’t happy with this occurrence because her behavior was unprofessional. Plus, she did not work for Vexcon anymore, so why was she there to begin with? Now a bachelor again, Ricky has to deal with Donnie harassing him about finding someone new.

Vexcon Has a “Can Do” Attitude

Despite family drama, the Brethertons still get the job done. Vexcon has an excellent reputation and a very successful business because they do things that other exterminators refuse to do. For instance, Billy was called to help an animal control person to get a snake out of a man’s shed. This was no ordinary snake; it was a python. Most exterminators would have ran out of there and told the client and animal control that they should call a zoo.

Another example of Vexcon’s “can do” attitude was the time that Billy had to go to a dentist’s office to remove a dead animal under the building. This practice called everyone in the phonebook plus animal control for help. All of them refused to come and told the practice that they only deal with “living pest.” These people were becoming desperate. The smell had become so bad that they were two inches away from closing the doors of the practice. Then, one of the employees heard about Vexcon and gave them a call. Billy rushed right over, did a quick inspection, and squeezed into a tiny crawl space to find what had died under the building. It turned out to be a dead cat. It was sad, but at least Billy got it out of there so the office wouldn’t have to close.

Another great thing about Vexcon is that they use organic and non-chemical pesticides that won’t hurt the environment. Another interesting fact is that Vexcon doesn’t kill animals unless they absolutely have, too. Ninety percent of the time, Billy traps animals, like, raccoons, nutrias, and squirrels and relocate them to a more wildlife environment. Sometimes Billy takes animals to wildlife facilities, for example, labs where they use venomous snakes to make anti-venom.

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