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Kim Zolciak Twin Names

Kim Zolciak Twin Names, On Nov. 25. The former "Real Housewives of Atlanta" star announced that she and hubby, Kroy Biermann, welcomed boy-girl twins over the weekend and in a separate post, Kim told everyone what the couple chose for names.

Kim Zolciak's twin's names both start with the letter "K" which is clearly a going thing for her and Kroy. Not only do their names begin with "K" but their two sons Kroy Jr. and Kash Kade also have "K" names. It sounds like Kim and Kroy put a lot of thought into their newborns' names and that they both have special meaning, which is always nice. The names are definitely different but they are nice and they sort of "match" their brothers' names.

Kim really wanted to have a baby girl and she got her wish. Of course her priority was to have two healthy babies but Kim's fans know that she must be over the moon -- and she's probably so excited to dress her little girl in the cutest outfits. She's going to have a lot of fun with these twins!

Stoning Afghanistan

Stoning Afghanistan, Death by stoning for convicted adulterers is being written into Afghan law, a senior official said on Monday, the latest sign that human rights won at great cost since the Taliban were ousted in 2001 are rolling back as foreign troops withdraw.

"We are working on the draft of a sharia penal code where the punishment for adultery, if there are four eyewitnesses, is stoning," said Rohullah Qarizada, who is part of the sharia Islamic law committee working on the draft and head of the Afghan Independent Bar Association.

Billions have been invested on promoting human rights in Afghanistan over more than 12 years of war and donors fear that hard won progress, particularly for women, may be eroding.

During the Taliban's 1996-2001 time in power, convicted adulterers were routinely shot or stoned in executions held mostly on Fridays. Women were not permitted to go out on their own, girls were barred from schools, and men were obliged to grow long beards.

Providing fresh evidence popular support for the brutal punishment has endured, two lovers narrowly escaped being stoned in Baghlan province north of Kabul, but were publicly shot over the weekend instead, officials said.

"While they were fleeing, suddenly their car crashed and locals arrested them. People wanted to stone them on the spot but some elders disagreed," the provincial head of women's affairs, Khadija Yaqeen, told Reuters on Monday.

"The next day they decided and shot both of them dead in public. Our findings show that the woman's father had ordered to shoot both man and woman."

The public execution was confirmed by the provincial police chief's spokesman, who said the killings were unlawful.

"It is absolutely shocking that 12 years after the fall of the Taliban government, the Karzai administration might bring back stoning as a punishment," said Brad Adams, Asia director at Human Rights Watch.

The US-based rights group has urged funding to be tied to commitments and last month, Norway took the rare step of cutting aid on the grounds that Afghanistan had failed to meet commitments to protect women's rights and fight corruption.

Most donors, however, have stopped short of using money to pressure President Hamid Karzai's administration and US and United Nations officials were aware of the plan to reintroduce stoning, Qarizada said.

The new law, he told Reuters, was unlikely to make stoning a common practice.

"The judge asks each witness many questions and if one answer differs from other witnesses then the court will reject the claim," Qarizada said.

Raiders Fan Jumps

Raiders Fan Jumps From Oakland Coliseum Upper Deck, In Critical Condition, An Oakland Raiders fan is in critical condition after jumping off the third deck of the Coliseum, commonly known as the Oakland Coliseum. Another spectator at the game acting as a good Samaritan who tried to catch her also was seriously injured. Law enforcement sources believe the female jumped intentionally and that the fan who interceded — described as a 61-year-old ex-Marine and season-ticket holder — “100 percent saved her life.”

The incident occurred at about 7:30 pm Eastern time as the game between the Tennessee Titans and the Raiders was ending. Tennessee defeated the Raiders 23 to 19 in the NFL matchup.The story is still developing, and further details will be forthcoming.

The woman said to be in her 20s reportedly went into section 301 of the stadium and got ready to jump off the edge. Section 301 is said to be closed to the public. Fans about 60 feet below in the second concourse tried to convince her not to jump. According to Sgt. J.D. Nelson of the Alameda County Sheriff’s Department, “She jumped anyhow, and one guy tried to catch her.” Both were taken to the hospital and were reported to have suffered life-threatening injuries.

Last Sunday, a fan fell from the upper deck at the Buffalo Bills game during the second quarter, and the frightening accident was caught live by CBS cameras. He appeared to be sliding down an outer railing. He also fell on another spectator; both of them were taken to a hospital, where they were treated and released. The fan who sliding down the railing was banned from Ralph Wilson stadium for life, fired from his job, and could face criminal charges.

Billboard Christian And Gospel Song Charts To Be Updated With Digital And Streaming

Billboard Christian And Gospel Song Charts To Be Updated With Digital And Streaming, Billboard is updating its Christian and gospel song charts, continuing a modernization process intended to reflect the use of the Internet on listening habits.

Beginning Wednesday, Billboard will add digital download sales and streaming data to its existing radio airplay methodology. This will bring the Christian and gospel songs charts in line with other charts like the Billboard Hot 100 and country, rock and hip-hop songs lists that were updated last year.

Silvio Pietroluongo, Billboard's director of charts, says adding the new data "provides a more holistic view of a song's popularity" in a news release to be issued Monday.

The addition of digital and streaming information has changed the makeup of the Hot 100, opening the way for Internet stars like PSY or Ylvis to be counted in an age when listeners increasingly consume their music through services like YouTube, Spotify and Rhapsody.

And like changes made to the Hot 100, Christian and gospel airplay will now be charted across the more than 1,200 radio stations tracked by Nielsen BDS. Previously songs only received credit for spins on stations with Christian or gospel formats. Officials expect this to benefit gospel songs played Sunday mornings on urban radio stations, for instance.

Billboard also is adding gospel and Christian streaming songs charts along with the revamp. The magazine began charting Christian songs in 2003 and gospel songs two years later.

Rihanna's AMA Icon Award Presented By Her Mom And Four Other Show Highlights

Rihanna's AMA Icon Award Presented By Her Mom And Four Other Show Highlights, No question Justin Timberlake is the man of the year, but oh how the women of pop music proved its their world again at the American Music Awards.

Debonair at every turn, Timberlake put on a great performance and said something funny each time he appeared. But it was Taylor Swift who won the night, taking home four awards, including top honor artist of the year for the third time. It was Rihanna who won the Icon Award — at age 25. And it was Miley Cyrus, Lady Gaga and Katy Perry who will again drive the morning's water-cooler conversation with their continuing awards show brinksmanship.

Not to worry, though, JT, we'll still include you our five moments to remember. But first, Miley:

— Miley's kitty: What was that exactly? We can describe it, no problem: Cyrus performed her hit "Wrecking Ball" as a duet of sorts with a giant, lip-syncing CGI kitten that floated through space projected on a screen behind her. But no way can we explain it. Playfully absurdist, it was a moment Salvador Dali would be proud of. And like all of these performances so far, it became delightfully self-referential when the cat finished the song by winking and sticking its tongue out — Cyrus' trademark move.

— Mr. President: After imitating a sex act last weekend on "Saturday Night Live," it was hard to imagine how Lady Gaga and R. Kelly might approach their performance of "Do What U Want" on Sunday night. They went high concept, casting Kelly as the president and Gaga as a Marilyn Monroe-like figure. Throughout the course of the song, Gaga dances on President Kelly's desk as he gazes up at her, their relationship is outed on Instagram and Kelly storms out when a reporter starts questioning him about the affair.

— The question: — As usual, comedian Sarah Silverman got right to the heart of the uncomfortable subject in the room — white folks winning awards that usually go to black performers. She noted the nominees for favorite soul/R&B album were Timberlake, Robin Thicke and Rihanna: "One, a white kid from the Mickey Mouse Club, one the son of the dad from 'Growing Pains,' and the other a strong, soulful Caribbean woman of color. I don't know who will win, but I do know who should find this most ironic if she loses."

Timberlake, also the favorite soul-R&B male artist, won: "Thank you, Sarah. Growing up in Memphis, Tenn., I can honestly say that's the first time I've ever been racially profiled by a white woman."

— Channeling Celia: You're left wondering after the show how long Jennifer Lopez prepared for her Celia Cruz tribute. Lopez was sexy and dazzling, leading a troupe of two dozen dancers through complex routines without missing a step in salute to the Salsa legend. She changed outfits on stage twice, finishing with a shimmering silver singlet and wining triumphantly at the crowd as her dancers sprawled about her at the end of the tribute.

— Hi, mom: Monica Fenty, Rihanna's mom, hi-jacked the show when she came on stage to present her daughter with the AMA's first Icon Award. The singer put her arm around her mother as she spoke, and told stories about growing up in Barbados after accepting the award. "Right now I cannot believe at 25 years old that I'm holding an Icon Award," Rihanna said. "That is weird to even say out loud."

Ariana Grande's AMAs Performance Earns Her Standing Ovation From Lady Gaga

Ariana Grande's AMAs Performance Earns Her Standing Ovation From Lady Gaga, Ariana Grande's performance of "Tattooed Heart" at the 2013 American Music Awards on Sunday night managed to shock the likes of Lady Gaga, who gave the young songstress a standing ovation.

Grande performed the single off her album, "Yours Truly," leading with an a cappella rendition of "Baby I," on the AMAs stage at the Nokia Theatre L.A. Live on Nov. 24. She sang her heart out in a performance MTV News has compared to the Motown vibe of Gladys Knight and the Pips, in front of an audience packed with music greats like Gaga, Justin Timberlake and Taylor Swift.

The 20-year-old was one of the most talked about acts of the night, E! News noted, and the performance earned her applause from the "Do What U Want" signer, as well as Ciara.

She also took home the New Artist of the Year Award.

"Oh my God! I'm so nervous," she said when she took to the stage to accept the honor. "Thank you so much. This is for my fans. I have the most loving and supportive fans in the world, and I love them so much. I'm so nervous ... This is crazy. I love you. Thank you."

She then turned to Twitter to reach out.

Not only has her singing career taken off, but Grande recently celebrated the premiere of her new Nickelodeon show, "Sam & Cat." The show is a cross-over spin-off starring Grande, who played Cat Valentine on "Victorious," and Jennette McCurdy, who played Sam Puckett on "iCarly," Entertainment Weekly noted.

Two puny monster oarfish found

Two puny monster oarfish found, Twice last week, carcasses of the rarely seen oarfish were discovered near to California’s shore.

 The 18 foot and now 13.5 foot bodies of the largest bony fish on the plant were not full grown. According to the NOAA, the species is found hundreds to thousands of feet deep and can reach lengths of over 50 feet.

Scientists have cut the second oarfish into sections to accommodate refrigeration and may be studying the specimen to further their understanding of the generally hidden species.

 The California coast parallels the continental shelf and slope, which are etched by submarine canyons and may be the home of oarfish populations that have never been the subject of comprehensive study. Perhaps the double finding is a fluke; perhaps it’s a harbinger of a yet-to-be revealed trend.

Macklemore Pays Tribute To Trayvon Martin

Macklemore Pays Tribute To Trayvon Martin, At the American Music Awards in downtown Los Angeles Sunday night, Macklemore and Ryan Lewis won Favorite Rap/Hip-Hop Album for The Heist.

Since they’re currently on tour, the two appeared via satellite from Miami, FL, where they were performing.
After thanking the fans for the honor, Macklemore brought up the issue of racial profiling.

Here’s the full text of Macklemore’s speech:

“Now that I’m sitting here in front of millions of people, I’d like to address something extremely important to me. I was talking to my friend before the show and he reminded me of a great Martin Luther King quote. He said, ‘Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.’ And due to the fact that we are in Florida tonight accepting this award, I want to acknowledge Trayvon Martin and the hundreds and hundreds of kids each year that are dying due to racial profiling and the violence that follows it. This is really happening. These are our friends, our neighbors, our peers, and our fans, and it’s time that we look out for the youth and fight against racism and the laws that protect it.”

Jena Malone Rocks Crop Top, Thigh-High Slit At LAX Airport

Jena Malone Rocks Crop Top, Thigh-High Slit At LAX Airport, Jena Malone travels in style.The "Hunger Games: Catching Fire" star was photographed arriving at LAX Airport, wearing a long-sleeved striped crop top and a sexy skirt featuring a thigh-high zip-up slit. Malone, 29, was all smiles as she made her way through the airport and to her car.

"Catching Fire," which opened in theaters yesterday (Nov. 22) is estimated to make between $135 million to $150 million during its opening weekend.

"It's kind of like winning the lottery as an actor," Malone told On The Red Carpet of playing Johanna Mason in the box office hit. "I mean, getting to join such an incredible franchise with an amazing book series, an amazing fan base, an amazing cast and you know, having a new director come on board so you don't feel like you have to kind of fit in to something that's already been created."

Early iPad Black Friday 2013 Deals Offer up to $150 Off

Early iPad Black Friday 2013 Deals Offer up to $150 Off, When it comes to the iPad Black Friday 2013 deals, Staples is taking an early lead with up to $80 off the current iPads and a special Black Friday deal that takes up to $150 off the last generation iPad 4.

Hands down, if you are looking at the Walmart Black Friday 2013 iPad mini deal or the Best Buy Black Friday 2013 iPad 2 doorbuster, stop and check these out for a good alternative that offers more choice and will let you enjoy Thanksgiving with your friends or family.

Unlike the Walmart Black Friday 2013 deals, these iPad deals at Staples include more than just the 16GB models and even include LTE models on AT&T and Verizon.

These iPad Black Friday deals are available online right now, allowing shoppers to avoid the long lines and crowds that can make even a guaranteed in stock iPad mini at the Walmart Black Friday shopping event a hassle that some will pass on.

When it comes to the iPad, we don’t see deep discounts on the new models through the year. While some retailers are discounting these more often, Black Friday iPad deals will offer some of the best savings of the year.

The early Staples Black Friday 2013 deals include the iPad mini, iPad Air and iPad 4. There is no discount on the new iPad mini with Retina Display that Apple just launched in late October. Still, thanks to the LTE options, higher capacity models and online purchasing options, these deals are better than the limited Walmart Black Friday 2013 doorbuster iPad deal.

There are already a collection of iPad Black Friday 2013 deals at Staples that beat Walmart and Best Buy.

Here’s a quick rundown of the discounts available as part of the early iPad Black Friday deals at Staples.

iPad mini – $80 off all models
iPad Air – $50 off all models
iPad 4 – $150 off all models
While the iPad Air is a tempting update, the iPad 4 offers the best iPad Black Friday deal we’ve seen so far, and there is no need to wait for Black Friday to buy it. With this deal shoppers can buy the 16GB iPad 4 for $349.

That’s $150 off the previous retail price and just $50 more than the best iPad 2 Black Friday deal we saw at Best Buy. For the extra $50 shoppers get a higher resolution display, newer processor and the promise of a longer overall life and support for updates.

These are not the only iPad Black Friday 2013 deals we will see this year, but with deep discounts online, ahead of any possible sell outs or other madness, these are the very good deals. If you are looking to spend between $300 to $400 on an iPad this holiday season, this looks to be the most hassle free way to get the most value for your cash.

The next best bet would be the iPad Air deals at Target that offer a $100 gift card with the purchase, dropping the price as low s $380. That’s a great deal, but only available in limited quantities, which means many shoppers will go home empty-handed.

Winston’s legal issues cloud final stages of Heisman race

Winston’s legal issues cloud final stages of Heisman race, If all that mattered was playing football, Florida State quarterback Jameis Winston would have a hammerlock on the Heisman Trophy race this morning.

But more is involved, starting with the same integrity clause for candidates that led some voters to announce plans to disqualify Texas A&M’s Johnny Manziel from the 2013 race before the defending champ took his first snap of the season.

Manziel drew voter rebukes amid allegations he took money for signing memorabilia against NCAA rules.

The same integrity issue applies to Winston. But his situation is way more serious than anything attached to Manziel.

Unless you have spent the past week in total isolation, you should know Winston leads the NCAA in passing efficiency (194.5 rating) and has No. 2 FSU (11-0) on pace to meet No. 1 Alabama (11-0) in the BCS National Championship Game.

You also should realize Winston led his team to Saturday’s 80-14 rout of Idaho while playing against the backdrop of an ongoing investigation into a 2012 sexual assault case that implicates him.

Winston, a redshirt freshman, has not been charged in the incident. State Attorney Willie Meggs has said it is unlikely that a final decision about charging Winston will be made before Thanksgiving.

Until officials in Florida make a call in regard to charging Winston, Heisman voters will be in a bind as they head to the ballot box if they seek to follow the Heisman Trust’s stated goal to honor the nation’s most outstanding player “whose performance best exhibits the pursuit of excellence with integrity.”

The predicament drew lots of chatter among Heisman voters gathered to watch Saturday’s Texas A&M-LSU game in Baton Rouge, La. The consensus opinion, which I hold, seems to be that Winston should not be punished by award voters for an allegation or an implication.

Only when an official charge enters the picture, if it ever does, should Winston’s off-field issue cloud the on-field candidacy of a freshman who already has thrown six more touchdown passes (32) and posted a higher completion rate (69.6 pct.) than Manziel did last year while becoming the first freshman winner in Heisman history.

But one fellow voter made it clear he would be uncomfortable watching Winston hoist the Heisman, followed shortly thereafter by an official charge that goes way beyond a question of integrity. The voter predicted Winston will suffer accordingly at the ballot box, which will be interesting to track.

Ballots were due Sunday to determine finalists for other postseason honors that ask voters to examine character-related issues, including the 2013 Davey O’Brien National Quarterback Award.

If Winston emerges Monday as one of the three O’Brien finalists, that should offer some insight about what type of response he can anticipate from Heisman voters. If Winston is not an O’Brien finalist, that speaks loudly, too.

Let’s also remember that a legal charge, regardless of the alleged crime, does not equal a conviction. But an official charge will raise more questions on the integrity front than a mere allegation. Either way, voters will be forced to make a judgment call on Winston in regard to his worthiness for postseason honors.

The hanging chad in this Florida-related election involves the state’s legal system and the timing of its investigation. If charges are levied against Winston before Dec. 9, the day most ballots will be returned following a weekend of conference championship games, Winston’s approval rating among Heisman voters could fall meteorically.

If no charges surface until after the Heisman winner is revealed Dec. 14 in New York, it seems likely that Winston took a giant step toward a historic moment by stepping up Saturday on an afternoon when three fellow Heisman front-runners, including Manziel, backslid badly in lopsided losses.

Manziel, Baylor quarterback Bryce Petty and Oregon quarterback Marcus Mariota, the presumed Final Five in the 2013 Heisman race, along with Winston and Alabama quarterback A.J. McCarron, were stymied in blowout losses to LSU (Manziel), Oklahoma State (Petty) and Arizona (Mariota).

Winston’s individual stats dwarf McCarron’s. That makes the separation between those two a pretty clear call unless voters choose to turn the 2013 race into a career achievement award for the Crimson Tide signal-caller, who has a chance to lead his team to an unprecedented third consecutive BCS national title.

Will that become the fallback option for Heisman voters who choose not to vote for Winston? Will Saturday’s developments and Winston’s unsettled legal situation open the door for a late charge by some under-the-radar candidate?

Two to track from undefeated teams would be Fresno State quarterback Derek Carr, who leads the nation in total offense (405.2 yards per game), and Northern Illinois quarterback Jordan Lynch. Lynch, a dual threat, has rushed for 1,434 yards (with 17 TDs) and passed for 2,418, with 21 TD passes against 5 interceptions.

As of now, Winston still seems to be college football’s flavor of the month. But we’re only one legal update away from potential chaos in the 2013 Heisman race.

Mount Etna erupts, showers volcanic ash on towns

Mount Etna erupts, showers volcanic ash on towns, Mount Etna, Europe's most active volcano, has erupted again, showering volcanic ash on towns dotting the mountain's slopes and nearby Taormina.

The eruption Saturday did not force any evacuations, but a highway was closed for half an hour as a precaution. Authorities also briefly closed two of four air corridors serving the nearby Catania airport but air traffic was not interrupted.

Etna erupts occasionally. Its last major eruption occurred in 1992.

Katy Perry's Geisha-inspired AMA getup sparks controversy

Katy Perry's Geisha-inspired AMA getup sparks controversy, Katy Perry offered a visual feast for viewers at the top of Sunday night's American Music Awards.

Perry wore a traditional Japanese dress during her show-starting performance of "Unconditionally" as scores of colorfully clad dancers waved fans, danced in front of rice-paper screens and played the drums.

She said before the show she wanted to up her game, given the chance to open, and the whirling stage production was a wash of colors and movements before Perry disappeared in a puff of smoke.

But not all AMA viewers appreciated Perry's efforts. Only moments after her performance began, some took to Twitter, charging that the pop star's stage costume was racist.

Wes Welker blames self for costly turnover

Country singer Wayne Mills shot and killed by bar owner, who claims self-defense, Country singer Wayne Mills was shot to death in a Nashville bar in the early morning hours of Saturday morning. Mills was in a bar when an argument over smoking broke out and the bar owner shot the country singer claiming it was in self-defense, according to USA Today on Nov. 24.

Mills was shot by Chris Ferrell, the Pit and Barrel bar owner following an argument about the country singer smoking inside the bar. The 44-year-old Mills was transported to the Vanderbilt University Medical Center where he later died.

Kris Mumford, a Nashville Police spokesperson, said that the police are still investigating the claim that Mills was shot in self-defense. No arrests have been made in this case as of yet.

Mills played in the Wayne Mills Band, known on the college scene. His band has been around for some time and when first starting out in their careers Blake Shelton, Jamey Johnson and Taylor Hicks of American Idol fame, have all opened for his band.

Black Shelton took to Twitter to share his sadness of Mills’ passing writing:

: "Extremely sad to hear about the death of my old friend Wayne Mills."

The bar where this shooting took place, the Pit and the Barrel, was due to be part of a reality show episode on Sunday night. The show, “Bar Rescue” decided to pull the episode and run a previously aired show instead.

Country singer Wayne Mills shot and killed by bar owner, who claims self-defense

Country singer Wayne Mills shot and killed by bar owner, who claims self-defense, Country singer Wayne Mills was shot to death in a Nashville bar in the early morning hours of Saturday morning. Mills was in a bar when an argument over smoking broke out and the bar owner shot the country singer claiming it was in self-defense, according to USA Today on Nov. 24.

Mills was shot by Chris Ferrell, the Pit and Barrel bar owner following an argument about the country singer smoking inside the bar. The 44-year-old Mills was transported to the Vanderbilt University Medical Center where he later died.

Kris Mumford, a Nashville Police spokesperson, said that the police are still investigating the claim that Mills was shot in self-defense. No arrests have been made in this case as of yet.

Mills played in the Wayne Mills Band, known on the college scene. His band has been around for some time and when first starting out in their careers Blake Shelton, Jamey Johnson and Taylor Hicks of American Idol fame, have all opened for his band.

Black Shelton took to Twitter to share his sadness of Mills’ passing writing:

: "Extremely sad to hear about the death of my old friend Wayne Mills."

The bar where this shooting took place, the Pit and the Barrel, was due to be part of a reality show episode on Sunday night. The show, “Bar Rescue” decided to pull the episode and run a previously aired show instead.

High surf and wind warnings remain in Daytona area Monday

High surf and wind warnings remain in Daytona area Monday, A high surf advisory and lake wind advisory remain in effect for the Daytona Beach area Monday, according to the National Weather Service in Melbourne. The high surf advisory is in effect until 4 a.m. Tuesday, and was issued for Volusia south to Martin County. Forecasters said “…strong rip currents…” will bring “…large breaking waves up to 5 to 7 feet…” to area beaches Monday. They added that the large waves, “…will be hazardous to anyone entering the surf…” and warned beachgoers not to swim alone. Some minor beach erosion is also expected around high tide from 1230 p.m. to 1 p.m.

Wind advisory for boaters and drivers

The lake wind advisory is in effect until 4 p.m. Monday from Daytona Beach south to Fort Pierce. East winds at 15 to 20 miles per hour, with gusts around 25 miles per hour are forecast. The National Weather Service in Melbourne says the strong winds will make for hazardous conditions for small boats on inland lakes as well as for high profile vehicles on some roads and elevated highways.

Wind gusts of 28 and 29 miles per hour were recorded Sunday night at Daytona Beach International Airport, as well as gusts of 24 and 25 miles per hour in the early morning hours Monday.

Temps in the 40s for Thanksgiving?

There is a 20 percent chance of rain for the Daytona Beach area Monday with cloudy skies and a high of 72. However, forecasters say the chance of rain will increase to 60 percent on Tuesday.

Looking ahead, forecasters also said Monday that a frontal system could bring temperatures in the 40s to the Daytona Beach area for Thanksgiving.

Texas actress has plea deal over ricin letters sent to Obama, Bloomberg

Texas actress has plea deal over ricin letters sent to Obama, Bloomberg, A Texas actress accused of mailing ricin-laced letters to President Barack Obama and New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg has reached a plea deal with federal prosecutors, according to federal court documents.

Shannon Guess Richardson, 36, whose acting career included minor television roles, had attempted to blame her husband for sending the letters in May that tested positive for the presence of ricin, according to prosecutors.

Notice of the plea deal was filed on Thursday in U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Texas. Richardson's attorney, Tonda Curry, could not be immediately reached to detail the terms of the plea agreement.

Richardson was arrested in June and a federal grand jury accused her in a three-count indictment of mailing the letters to Obama, Bloomberg and Mark Glaze, the director of Mayors Against Illegal Guns, a group founded by Bloomberg that lobbies for stricter gun laws.

Ricin, a highly toxic substance, is found naturally in castor beans, but it takes a deliberate act to make ricin and use it to poison people, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Exposure to even a small amount can cause death and no known antidote exists.

The New Boston, Texas, woman is charged with one count of making a threat against the president of the United States and two counts of mailing threatening communications. She faces up to five years in prison on each count if convicted.

The letters read, in part: "You will have to kill me and my family before you get my guns. Anyone wants to come to my house will get shot in the face," according to court documents. 

Good Morning America's Amy Robach Returning To Work After Double Mastectomy

Good Morning America's Amy Robach Returning To Work After Double Mastectomy, It’s good news for Amy Robach, who announced her pending return to Good Morning America after undergoing treatment for breast cancer. The GMA host discovered that she had the disease during what was supposed to be a routine mammogram for a segment on the show.

According to the LA Times, Robach sent an email to her ABC colleagues on Friday thanking them for the support and announcing that she is already on the mend. The account of her treatment included an unpleasant, but necessary procedure, as Robach announced that she had undergone a bilateral mastectomy. She wrote, "While in surgery last week my surgeon found a second, undetected malignant tumor. No MRI, no mammogram, no sonogram had found it. ... It was only through the mastectomy that she discovered it."

Robach was diagnosed in October and she shared the news in a difficult piece for ABC News. Unfortunately, the GMA host is not finished with her treatment. The spread of the cancer means that she still has to undergo additional courses of treatment, however the outlook is good.

"[M]y cancer had spread to my sentinel lymph node, but not beyond, so I will have more treatments ahead of me, but none that will take me out of work,” she explained in the email. She also said that her plan was to return to work as December 2.

"Physically and emotionally I have been through the ringer, but I am emerging on the other side so much stronger," Robach wrote.

Katie Couric Negotiating ABC News Exit

Katie Couric Negotiating ABC News Exit,  Couric is set to exit her role as ABC News special correspondent early as she nears a deal for an interview show on Yahoo.

Less than three years after joining ABC in a lucrative and wide-ranging deal that included a daytime talk show and a role at ABC News, Katie Couric is negotiating an exit package, The Hollywood Reporter has learned.

The move comes as Couric is close to finalizing an extensive deal with Internet giant Yahoo, according to multiple sources.

Couric's daytime talk show is in its second and almost certainly final season on ABC. She will complete the season and sources at Disney-ABC insist that a decision about the future of Katie will not be made until sometime in December after executives get a look at the November sweeps ratings.

The original deal -- said to be worth $40 million -- encompassed two seasons of the daytime talk show and three years at ABC News; it is standard for news contracts to be three years. It's unclear how much the news division is paying toward Couric's contract or how much she'll walk away with in an early exit.

Couric's Disney-ABC deal was greeted with much fanfare a couple of years ago thanks to a colossal salary and her close association with rival NBC News. The battle between ABC's Good Morning America and NBC's Today was at a fever pitch. And Couric's April 2012 stint filling in for Robin Roberts on GMA spurred copious headlines and a counter punch from Today that included recruiting Sarah Palin to help anchor the NBC program. But lately, Couric has been used sparingly at ABC News.

ABC News declined comment. But an executive told THR: “Katie is an incredible journalist and this was an opportunity that she couldn’t pass up.  Thanks to the powerful association between ABC News and Yahoo we know that Katie will continue to work closely with us and welcome her on our air anytime.”

There has been widespread speculation that Couric might rejoin Jeff Zucker at CNN; Zucker helped to launch Katie as the show's executive producer but left during the first season to run CNN Worldwide. Yet multiple sources tell THR that the split caused tension between the two, who have had a longstanding relationship dating back to their time together on Today. Sources close to Zucker say he has had no conversations with Couric about coming to CNN.

Meanwhile, Couric is said to have been personally wooed by Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer, who has already lured New York Times tech columnist David Pogue in an effort to pump up the Internet giant's media presence. Couric earlier this year bowed a commentary feature on Yahoo News called Katie's Take, which has mostly been repurposed material from her talk show. (ABC News and Yahoo have had a news sharing partnership since 2011.)

But the new Yahoo deal, say sources, would be a much more high-profile endeavor with Couric hosting a newsmaker interview program that would be featured on the site's highly trafficked home page.

Jessica Simpson Arrives in Boston With Her Family

Jessica Simpson Arrives in Boston With Her Family, The holidays have officially arrived for Jessica Simpson and her family!  On Sunday the singer and her fiance Eric Johnson were spotted leaving the Boston airport on Sunday on their way to Eric’s parents house for Thanksgiving.

The couple took the divide and conquer approach for their exit with Jessica carrying Ace and Eric wrangling his little lady Maxwell.

Over the weekend the family posed on the red carpet at Jessica’s Event At Dillard’s NorthPark Center in Dallas Texas.

The busy mama recently revealed on that she is happy Maxwell and Ace will have each other to rely on in the magical way that only siblings can.  As they grow up she also shared four things she wants them to know:

Build a great support system. A strong family and wonderful friends keep me headed in the right direction every day!

Learn to accept compliments as graciously as you give them. Don’t dismiss them – soak up the positivity and give it back as often as you can!

Find a partner who really supports and listens to you in the good times and the bad.

Be original. The world will try to fit you into a mold, but carve your own path.

“Becoming a mom”, she wrote, “has helped me realize I’m actually proud of myself for a lot of the things I have done in my life. Having my kids has made me feel so much more at peace with myself. I see how loving and kind we can be to our children, while never noticing all the things we have done well ourselves.”

Long brothers involved in scuffle

Long brothers involved in scuffle, The first matchup between Chicago Bears guard Kyle Long and his brother, Chris Long of the St. Louis Rams, received attention entering Sunday’s game, but a scuffle in the second quarter shined the spotlight directly on the duo.

During Chicago’s 42-21 loss to St. Louis, quarterback Josh McCown absorbed a vicious hit while attempting to throw a pass to Tony Fiammetta, with Kyle Long becoming involved in somewhat of a mini-brawl with Rams defensive end William Hayes away from the play.

During the scuffle, it appeared Long kicked Hayes.

That led to Chris Long sprinting off St. Louis’ sideline to grab his younger brother and pull him away from the fight.

Kyle Long declined to discuss the incident after the game, saying, “Look, I’m here to talk football. So if there are any football questions you guys have, I’d love to answer those.”

He later apologized on Twitter.

“I want to apologize to the fans for losing my cool today,” Long said. “Not a representation of the person that I am or the Bears. Shouldn’t happen.”

Bears coach Marc Trestman said Long calmed down quickly.

“I looked over at him once [offensive coordinator] Aaron [Kromer] got a hold of him, and he seemed to quiet himself down,” Trestman said. “I think I’ll be able to talk more about that tomorrow, because I really didn’t see everything that happened. I saw Kyle lose his temper. I don’t know why. I was on the other side of the field.”

Given that Kyle Long appeared to kick a player during the scrum, it’s fortunate for the Chicago Bears that officials didn’t eject him. Asked why Kyle Long was allowed to continue to participate, referee Jerome Boger said, “O.K., I was one of the covering officials on that play, and what I had the unnecessary roughness call was for piling on, that he piled on onto a player who was already on the ground. I didn’t see a kick by him.”

Chris Long wasn’t forced out of the game or penalized, because there is no automatic ejection for coming off the bench in the NFL.

“It’s tough. One of your best friends and your brother,” Chris Long said. “They’re two of the strongest people I know. I’m just glad everybody got out of there O.K. It was just a heated game.”

Asked whether he helped his younger brother by pulling him from the pile, Chris Long said he was simply trying to pull an opponent away from a teammate.

“If pulling him out of the pile and yoking up is helping him ... I’m trying to get him off my teammate just like any other situation that would arise,” he said. “I don’t want us to get a flag, and one way to defuse that situation is to get everybody out of there. He happened to be the body that I saw.”

'Penniless' man is worth $65 million, court rules - and must give wife half

'Penniless' man is worth $65 million, court rules - and must give wife half, One of Britain's longest and most bitter divorce battles culminated on Friday with a High Court judge branding a well-connected millionaire a liar and his ex-wife a conspiracy theorist.

Far from being "penniless and hopelessly bankrupt", as he had claimed, Scot Young, 51, was worth 40 million pounds ($65 million) and his estranged wife Michelle Young, 49, should get half of it, judge Philip Moor ruled.

"This case has been quite extraordinary even by the standards of the most bitter of matrimonial breakdowns," Moor wrote in his ruling, noting that it had taken over six years and 65 court hearings to come to trial.

The case has made headlines in Britain because of the size of the claims and the fact that Scot Young has enjoyed financial help from high-profile friends including Philip Green, the billionaire owner of the Topshop retail chain.

Michelle Young has run up legal bills of 6.5 million pounds, while Scot Young has served six months in jail for failing to provide full and frank disclosure of his assets.

The pair were married for 17 years until 2006 and enjoyed a lavish lifestyle of mansions, jet-setting holidays and gifts of diamond jewelry funded by Scot Young's investments in property, technology and start-up companies.

It all fell apart when the marriage breakdown coincided with what the husband described as a total meltdown of his business empire that left him "penniless and hopelessly bankrupt" with unpaid debts of 28 million pounds.

The judge said it was impossible to know the full truth of his financial position due to "the significant number of lies told by the husband to so many people over such a long period".

He ordered Young to pay his ex-wife a lump sum of 20 million pounds within 28 days.

Michelle Young maintains that the meltdown was a fiction specifically designed to hide her ex-husband's wealth and deprive her and the couple's two daughters of their rightful share - a version of events also rejected by the judge.

"She sees conspiracy everywhere," he wrote.

A furious Michelle Young branded the ruling "disgraceful".

"I stand by what I said. He's worth billions," she told reporters outside the court, according to reports in several British national media. She also issued a written statement in which she called her ex-husband a "maniac".

Sosie Bacon named Miss Golden Globe

Sosie Bacon named Miss Golden Globe, Sosie Bacon will assist hosts Tina Fey and Amy Poehler duringold the Gen Globe ceremony, which will air live from L.A.’s Beverly Hilton Hotel on Jan. 12, 2014, from 8 p.m.-1 a.m. ET (5-8 p.m. PT) on NBC.

Miss Golden Globe is traditionally the child of a well-known celebrity. Sosie Bacon made her acting debut 11 in the film Lover Boy, where she played the younger version of her mother’s character. She also appeared on Sedgwick’s TNT drama The Closer.

Young Detroit Pistons fan battles usher in epic dance off

Young Detroit Pistons fan battles usher in epic dance off, SOMETIMES it's the action off the court that provides the most excitement during a sports match.

That was certainly the case during the Detroit Pistons basketball game in New York last week, reports The Daily Mail .

During the time-outs fans dance in their seats in the hope of being caught on the "Dance Cam" and have their 15 seconds of fame.

The camera locked on one young fan, who jumped at the chance to show off his killer dance moves.

Soon the camera jumped to the Dancing Usher, who is famous for busting out awesome dance moves during Dance Cam time.

The young boy and the usher were soon locked in an epic dance battle with the camera flicking back and forth between the two.

While the usher let loose pulling out some of his best dancefloor routines, the young boy certainly gave him a run for his money.
Kendall Jenner denies dating Harry Styles, Kendall Jenner has denied she is dating Harry Styles.The 'Keeping Up With The Kardashians' star has broken her silence on her close relationship with the 'Story Of My Life' singer by insisting they are ''cool'' and just friends after they were spotting leaving a Los Angeles restaurant following a cosy dinner date last week.

The 18-year-old beauty - who is the younger sister of Kim Kardashian - shut down rumours of a romance when she attended the American Music Awards on Sunday night (24.11.13), where Harry had also been performing with One Direction.

She told E! News: ''[There is] No story. We're friends. He's cool, yeah, he's cool.''

Kendall split from her high-school boyfriend Julian Brooks earlier this year, before hitting-out at reports she was dating 21-year-old rapper Young Jinsu last month - but she has insisted it's difficult to have male friends.

She added: ''You go out with one person, you're automatically dating them.''

Kendall's 16-year-old sister Kylie - who is also speculated to be dating Jaden Smith - was quick to defend her sibling, as she explained: ''It's very hard to have friends of the opposite sex''

The comments come after Harry - who split with Taylor Swift in January before being linked to Cara Delevingne - insisted he wasn't dating the reality star.

Asked by Piers Morgan on 1D Live - the band's seven-hour live streaming event on Saturday (23.11.13) he explained: ''We went out for dinner, but no, I guess. I don't know.''

72-Year-Old Man Pushed onto Subway Tracks in Harlem

72-Year-Old Man Pushed onto Subway Tracks in Harlem, A 72-year-old man was pushed onto the subway tracks at a stop in Harlem Friday afternoon by a homeless man that police officials believe to have been drunk.

The incident occurred at the 145th Street A and C train station, where the victim, Sho Kuan Lin, was standing with his wife waiting for the train.  Rudralall Baldeo, 57, approached Lin and pushed him off the platform onto the tracks.

Fellow commuters quickly sprang into action and rescued Lin from the tracks before the oncoming train pulled into the station.

Lin suffered a cracked skull and a broken collarbone, and is currently on life support.

“You know he is still dangerously ill. You know he’s not coming out yet. He was lying there and the machines are everywhere helping him to breathe,” said Eliyah Sheera, Lin’s pastor, to CBS News.

Baldeo, who was pointed out to police by the victim’s wife, is being charged with attempted murder and felony assault.

Baldeo is believed to be homeless, and police believe he may have been drunk at the time of the incident.  Lin’s pastor said that Baldeo needs help as well.

“From the standpoint of the people that do that, I think they just don’t have the peace or the love. They feel frustrated. You know, despair, there’s no purpose in life so we need to do something for them,” Pastor Shira said.

Baldeo’s motive for the near-fatal shove is still unknown.

In the past year, there have been two fatal pushing incidents on subway platforms in New York City, including the hate crime in which a man was pushed from the platform by a woman who admitted to the crime, saying that she did it because she believed the man was a Muslim.

Food Network star Giada De Laurentiis slices finger during live broadcast

Food Network star Giada De Laurentiis slices finger during live broadcast, Giada De Laurentiis suffered a gory accident and sliced her finger during the Food Network's annual Thanksgiving Live special on Saturday, Nov. 23.

The Italian-American chef's knife slipped while she was trying to cut some turkey she had just prepared.
"She seemed to go pale and got very quiet putting pressure on it and whispering to Ina that it was bad," an eyewitness told Radar Online. "She looked like she was about to faint."

The 43-year-old immediately left the show to receive medical attention for her deep cut.

"Before & adjustment to my normal mani! #backtonormalin2wks #thanksgivinglive," she captioned an Instagram pic, which showed her finger before getting stitches and after.

De Laurentiis was a trooper and returned back to the kitchen with her bandaged pointer finger.

Chefs Alton Brown, Ina Garten and Bobby Flay joined De Laurentiis for the holiday-themed TV program
Brown took to Twitter to provide some humorous updates about the bloody mishap.

"#savegiada's finger," he wrote.

And in response to a fan asking about De Laurentiis because she was unable to watch the show, he quipped "we did locate the end of Giada's left index finger in the stuffing. Rushing to hospital now."

De Laurentiis seemed to enjoy this comment, and replied with a smiley face.

Remains of McStay Children Positively Identified

Remains of McStay Children Positively Identified, The coroner’s office in San Bernardino confirmed Friday that the remains of two children found in a shallow grave in the desert outside Victorville are those of 4-year-old Gianni and 3-year-old Joseph Jr, the son’s of Joseph and Summer McStay.

McStay’s brother, Michael, delivered the sad news on a Facebook page dedicated to finding the missing family. “Coroner Office called…it was confirmed… It’s the boys,” Michael McStay posted.

The family was last heard from Feb. 4, 2010 just months after moving from south Orange County to Fallbrook, in San Diego County.

Their bodies were discovered Nov. 11 by an off-road motorcyclist between Quarry Road and the 15 Freeway, north of Stoddard Wells Road, authorities said.

Joseph McStay and Summer were identified through dental records. DNA was used to identify the children, according to a news release from the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department.

“The manner of death has been determined to be homicide,” San Bernardino County Sheriff John McMahon said.

He said officials were not prepared to disclose information regarding the cause of death, pending autopsies and further investigation.

Live black widow spider found in grapes from grocery store

Live black widow spider found in grapes from grocery store, A Pennsylvania woman discovered a creepy crawly surprise while washing off the grapes she bought at a local food store.

Yvonne Whalen said she was rinsing and eating the fruit on Thursday when she found what an expert said was a dangerous black widow spider.

"The next thing I know, there was this leg coming up over a grape," she told ABC 27.

Whalen, who is from Dillsburg, Pa., caught the venomous spider in a plastic container.

“There's no mistaking a black widow, even in a juvenile form like this. There is just enough there that you can really tell it's a black widow," Ryan “The Bug Man” Bridge told the station after examining the spider.

Bridge said he hears about people finding black widows in grapes “more often than anything else.”

Black widows are toxic, and a bite is enough to send you to the hospital.

Whalen bought the grapes at a Giant Food Store, and the company said in a statement that it is “taking immediate steps to prevent a similar incident from happening in the future.”

“We will continue to diligently inspect product both at our perishable distribution center and at the store while thoroughly investigating this serious matter with our suppliers,” Giant said, according to ABC 27

Dad, Mick Jagger, to be great-grandfather

Dad, Mick Jagger, to be great-grandfather,  Rolling Stones frontman Mick Jagger will become a great-grandfather early next year.

The singer's daughter Jade told The Sunday Times that her daughter, Assisi, expects to give birth in several months.

Assisi, 21, tells Hello! magazine that Jagger was pleased when she told him the news.

She says, "I imagine it's nice to be a great-granddad, although I'm not sure he likes the idea of getting old, or being called one. I call him Mick - I wouldn't start calling him grandpa."

Not a husband or wedding ring in sight as Francesca Eastwood dines out with mystery man

Not a husband or wedding ring in sight as Francesca Eastwood dines out with mystery man, Clint Eastwood's daughter continues to baffle with her behavior one week after her alleged Vegas elopement with Jonah Hill's brother.

Francesca Eastwood, 20, seemed like a single girl as she stepped out for dinner with a dark and handsome mystery man on Saturday at Mastro's steakhouse in Beverly Hills.

Clutching the arm of her well-dressed date, Francesca's hand was noticeably bereft of a wedding ring and her supposed new husband, 35-year-old Jordan Feldstein, was nowhere to be seen.

Francesca smiled, tossed back her blonde mane and laughed as though without a care, looking amazing in a clingy, silky black long dress with deep neckline.

After dinner, the couple left the posh eatery through a side exit, perhaps hoping to steal away undetected, but that wasn't the case as they were spied by several onlookers.

It was curious behavior for one who supposedly just got married.

It's the second time this week that Francesca has been seen out without a wedding sparkler adorning her left hand - she also turned up ringless at Thursday's Hollywood Foreign Press Association 2014 Golden Globes awards season bash in Los Angeles.

According to TMZ, Francesca wed Jordan in a secret Las Vegas ceremony.

The website posted a copy of a marriage license filed with the Clark County Recorder's Office showing Francesca and Feldstein tied the knot in Sin City on November 18.

The two filed a marriage license with the Clark County Recorder's Office on November 17 and were married the same day.

Feldstein works in Hollywood as a manager for Adam Levine and Robin Thicke.

The pair exchanged vows at the Simple Wedding Chapel, which offers Elvis impersonators to stand in as witnesses, TMZ reports.

The pair are not publicly known to be in a relationship and Francesca was pictured in Hollywood on Thursday night without a wedding ring.

A source told Us magazine that their relationship is still new: 'They haven't even been dating that long, but when in Vegas!'

Large storm already blamed for 8 deaths threatens Thanksgiving travels

Large storm already blamed for 8 deaths threatens Thanksgiving travels, A storm blamed for at least eight deaths in the West was expected to bring freezing rain and sleet to parts of Texas as it continued making its way through the Southwest before moving east ahead of Thanksgiving.

The National Weather Service said late Sunday night that a winter storm warning for most of North Texas had been replaced with a winter weather advisory through noon Monday. A mix of rain, light freezing rain and light sleet was expected, but meteorologist Steve Fano with the weather service's Dallas-Fort Worth office said the temperatures would not be as cold as initially forecast.

"They will still go below freezing in some places, just not as much below freezing as we initially thought," Fano said.

Meteorologists said they expected the Arctic mass to head south and east and threaten plans for Tuesday and Wednesday as people hit the roads and airports for some of the busiest travel days of the year.

More than 300 flights were canceled at Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport, representing about one-third of the scheduled departures, and a spokeswoman said deicing equipment had been prepared as officials planned for the worst in a flurry of conference calls and meetings.

"It's certainly going to be a travel impact as we see the first few people making their way for Thanksgiving," weather service meteorologist Tom Bradshaw said.

With most of the precipitation expected to occur during the overnight hours Sunday into Monday, Fano stressed the need for motorists to be cautious on the roads, especially as they head to work during the morning rush.

"If nothing else, roads are going to be wet and it's going to be cold, so caution definitely is advised in traveling," he said.

A mix of rain and sleet began falling north of Dallas on Interstate 35 by midday Sunday. Some elevated overpasses had icy surfaces.

Parts of Oklahoma have been under a winter storm warning, while other areas of the state have been under an advisory.

Some communities in southwestern Oklahoma woke up to snow Sunday, including Altus, where several inches fell. "It looks great. I love the snow," said Damaris Machabo, a receptionist at a Holiday Inn motel.

The snow and freezing temperatures made driving in the area treacherous, but Machabo said she had no problems getting to work early Sunday. Forecasts called for more snow in the area later in the day.

Portions of New Mexico -- especially in some of the higher elevations -- also had several inches of snow, and near white-out conditions were reported along stretches of Interstate 40 west of Albuquerque.

Then along the New Mexico-Texas border, into the El Paso area, a mix of snow, sleet and ice forced some road closures and created messy driving conditions.

Flagstaff in Arizona had 11 inches of snow by early Sunday, and was expected to get another inch by the end of the day before the storm petered out. Metro Phoenix and other parts of central Arizona received between 1 1/2 to 2 1/2 inches of rain over the course of the storm. The storms caused cancellations of sporting events and parades and damaged the roofs of homes across Arizona.

In Tucson, firefighters on Friday recovered the body of a man who was swept away by high water in the Santa Cruz River. Tucson police said Sunday an autopsy revealed signs of trauma, and they were investigating the death as a homicide. They did not say whether they had ruled out the storm as a cause of his death.

By early Sunday, the weather was blamed for at least eight deaths in several fatal traffic accidents. The storm also caused hundreds of rollover accidents, including one that injured three members of singer Willie Nelson's band when their bus hit a pillar on Interstate 30 near Sulphur Springs, about 75 miles northeast of Dallas.

Dallas prepared for the storm by declaring "Ice Force Level 1," which is code for sending 30 sanding trucks to troubleshoot hazardous road conditions.

At Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport, spokeswoman Cynthia Vega said most of the canceled flights were in the afternoon and evening hours and were with American Airlines and American Eagle. The possibility of ice on the runways led to a series of conference calls and meetings early Sunday, she added, noting the airport had liquid and solid deicers ready for use.

The storm system, though, was particularly hard to predict because a couple of degrees here or there with the temperature will determine whether regions see rain, sleet or snow, Bradshaw said.

"It's very difficult to pin those down," he said. "It's slow moving and it's sort of bringing its energy out in pieces so it's kind of hard to time these as they come across with a great deal of accuracy."

After Surviving Cancer, Motorcycle Accident, Sally Ann Okuly Dies

After Surviving Cancer, Motorcycle Accident, Sally Ann Okuly Dies, A Virginia woman who survived cancer and a major motorcycle accident was killed the first time she left her home since the accident six months ago.

It was one week before her 41st wedding anniversary.

Sally Ann Okuly was going out for coffee when she was run over by a car at 9:30 a.m. last Sunday.

Crossing the street, with the light giving her the right of way to return to her Woodbridge home, Okuly was struck by 24-year-old driver Amanda Styles-Mays.

On Monday Sally and her husband Bill would have celebrated their 41st wedding anniversary.

"She's the most giving person ever," her husband told NBC News.

"One of her favorite things to do was walk across the street to the WaWa," Bill said of his wife. She bought a paper and a coffee, but never made it back.

He says his wife will always be with him, “Oh yeah, she’ll always be there.”

Styles-Mays was charged with failure to yield to a pedestrian and reckless driving.

Angelina Takes The Twins For A Fun Day Out

Angelina Takes The Twins For A Fun Day Out, In Australia where she is directing a film, Angelina Jolie took a day off from work to spend a fun afternoon with her twins Vivienne   and Knox, the youngest of her six kids.

Along with a coworker from the film, who had her own daughter in tow, Jolie and the twins had a relaxing lunch at Grandfather’s Moustache restaurant and then did some shopping.

Vivienne scored a cute doll that she held on to for the rest of the excursion.  Knox, a mini me of dad, Brad Pitt, seemed happy with his can of Solo, an Australian soft drink.

Jolie is Down Under filming a World War II drama, Unbreakable.

Georgia QB Facing Season-Ending Knee Surgery

Georgia QB Facing Season-Ending Knee Surgery, Coach Mark Richt says the play that ended quarterback Aaron Murray's season wasn't the senior's final snap when he was flung to the ground by Kentucky defensive end Za'Darius Smith.

Richt said Sunday Murray heard a pop in his left knee when he made a cut on his 28-yard run on Georgia's earlier possession in the second quarter on Saturday night. Murray was limping at the end of that series, which ended with his touchdown pass to tight end Arthur Lynch. But he remained in the game for one more possession.

Georgia said that tests Saturday night and another exam Sunday confirmed Murray tore the anterior cruciate ligament in the knee and will have season-ending surgery this week. Hutson Mason will make his first career start when Georgia plays at Georgia Tech on Saturday.

"He felt something pop whenever it happened on the run," Richt said. "He didn't know for sure what it was. We've had other guys feel or hear something pop and then they're fine. He was feeling good enough to put him back in there."

Richt said it was a non-contact injury.

"He cut back across the grain," Richt said. "He could have just run straight out of bounds. He decided to make a right-hand turn. When he was changing direction, that's when it happened."

Murray remained on the field to complete the touchdown drive, but appeared upset as he walked to the sideline.

Murray had to convince Richt and offensive coordinator Mike Bobo he could remain in the game following the touchdown pass to Lynch, Murray's fourth TD pass of the 59-17 win over Kentucky.

"We were going to get him out," Richt said. "You could tell something was going on. He just refused. I think he kind of knew. He knew something happened but didn't know what."

Richt said he approached Murray on the sideline to tell him he was being pulled from the game. "I said 'You're out, dude,'" Richt said. "He said 'No, no way.' I said 'You better talk to (Bobo) and convince him you're all right.'"

Murray pedaled on an exercise bike behind the bench and then ran on the sideline to convince Bobo he could stay in the game.

Murray played only one more series. He left the game after he was hit by Smith on his only interception with 2:17 remaining in the half.

Richt said there was no further damage to Murray's knee by playing the additional series.

Murray couldn't put weight on his left leg and was supported by trainers as he was taken to the locker room. It proved to be the end of his college career on the night seniors were honored during Georgia's final home game of the season.

"There was something wrong and he knew it and couldn't hide it anymore," Richt said. "He was trying to hide it, I think. But he knew it happened earlier on."

Despite Georgia's big win, Richt called Murray's injury "just sickening" after the game and said he "really had a hard time enjoying the rest of the game."

On Sunday, Richt said he felt "a little better" after trading texts with Murray. Richt said Murray quickly moved past his initial disappointment.

"He's not going to mope around and cry," Richt said, adding Murray already is preparing for his rehabilitation. "He's already kind of getting geared up for that challenge," Richt said.

Murray started all 52 games of his four years and became the Southeastern Conference's career leader in yards passing, touchdown passes, completions and total offense. The senior is the first quarterback in SEC history to pass for at least 3,000 yards in four seasons.

Murray completed 18 of 23 passes for 183 yards with four touchdowns against Kentucky.

Murray thanked Georgia fans for their concern and support in a message on his Twitter account Sunday.

"Thank you for all the prayers over the past few hours. Gonna come back stronger than ever! Dawg for life. Truly love you all #GoDawgs," Murray said.

In another tweet, Murray said, "Truly am blessed to have been your QB for 4 years!"

Georgia director of sports medicine Ron Courson said a full recovery is expected for Murray, who bypassed early entry in the NFL draft to return for his senior year.

Richt said he was confident Murray will be selected in the next NFL draft because there is such a long record of successful recoveries from ACL injuries.

It has been a disappointing season for Murray's Bulldogs (7-4, 5-3 SEC), who have lost several top players to season-ending knee injuries, including running back Keith Marshall and receivers Malcolm Mitchell and Justin Scott-Wesley. Running back Todd Gurley also missed three games and receiver Michael Bennett missed two with injuries.

Vatican displays Saint Peter's bones for the first time

Vatican displays Saint Peter's bones for the first time, The Vatican has publicly unveiled bone fragments purportedly belonging to Saint Peter, reviving the scientific debate and tantalising mystery over whether the relics found in a shoe box truly belong to the first pope.

The nine pieces of bone sat nestled like rings in a jewel box inside a bronze display case on the side of the altar during a mass commemorating the end of the Vatican's year-long celebration of the Christian faith. It was the first time they had ever been exhibited in public.

Pope Francis prayed before the fragments at the start of Sunday's service and clutched the case in his arms for several minutes after his homily.

No pope has ever definitively declared the fragments to belong to the apostle Peter, but Pope Paul VI in 1968 said fragments found in the necropolis under St Peter's Basilica were "identified in a way that we can consider convincing".

Some archaeologists dispute the finding.

The relics were discovered during excavations begun under St Peter's Basilica in the years following the death in 1939 of Pope Pius XI, who had asked to be buried in the grottoes where dozens of popes are buried, according to the 2012 book by veteran Vatican correspondent Bruno Bartoloni, The Ears of the Vatican.

During the excavations, archaeologists discovered a funerary monument with a casket built in honour of Peter and an engraving in Greek that read "Petros eni", or "Peter is here".

The scholar of Greek antiquities Margherita Guarducci, who had deciphered the engraving, continued to investigate and learned that one of the basilica workers had been given the remains found inside the casket and stored them in a shoe box kept in a cupboard. She reported her findings to Paul VI, who later proclaimed there was a convincing argument that the bones belonged to Peter.

Leading Vatican Jesuits and other archaeologists strongly denied the claim, but had little recourse.

"No pope had ever permitted an exhaustive study, partly because a 1,000-year-old curse attested by secret and apocalyptic documents, threatened anyone who disturbed the peace of Peter's tomb with the worst possible misfortune," Bartoloni wrote.

The Vatican newspaper, l'Osservatore Romano, published excerpts of the book last year, giving his account a degree of official sanction.

In 1971, Paul VI was given an urn containing the relics, which were kept inside the private papal chapel inside the apostolic palace and exhibited for the pope's private veneration every 29 June, for the feast of saints Peter and Paul. Sunday marked the first time they were shown in public.

‘Duck Dynasty’ Star Reed Robertson Reveals, ‘I Wanted to Kill Myself’

‘Duck Dynasty’ Star Reed Robertson Reveals, ‘I Wanted to Kill Myself’, The stars of “Duck Dynasty” have always been open about the sharing the ups and downs of being a famous family, but now, they’re getting more personal than ever.

In a new film by the Christian group IAmSecond, Reed Robertson admitted that the pressures of being on a hit television show changed him, and not necessarily for the better.

“A couple years ago, I started to get real cynical and looking at everything like ‘That’s wrong,’ or ‘They are looking at that wrong’ because I thought I had it all figured out,” he said. “I guess I got really caught up in thinking that I was better than everyone else because of who my family was.”

Ultimately, the changes in his personality caused his friends and loved ones to begin avoiding him. He grew angry and depressed, and after getting snubbed by his pals after church one day, he “finally hit rock bottom.”

“No one wanted anything to do with a cynical person like me,” he said. “I told my youth minister that I was, I pretty much told him that I wanted to kill myself.”
He wrote a suicide note, but after speaking with his parents, Jase and Missy, Robertson had a change of heart.

“My mom was devastated of course. She’s crying and all this kinda stuff. She’s thinking where she went wrong and it wasn’t her at all,” he said. “My dad told me, he said, ‘That is the most selfish thing that you can do… Leave this world because you can’t take it.’ And I really believe that that’s true.”

Now, Robertson said his situation has turned around and he’s “back on track with Jesus.”

“I just thought about, like, ‘I’m about to leave all these people that I could have a really huge impact with,’” he said. “I was finally free of doubts, of having an attitude of being cynical, and I remember being so relieved. And Jesus brings that relief. I think who taught me that was the men in my life and my family.”

Tim Duncan News: Divorce, Gay Rumors Behind, San Antonio Star Dating Reality TV's Vanessa Macias

Tim Duncan News: Divorce, Gay Rumors Behind, San Antonio Star Dating Reality TV's Vanessa Macias, Tim Duncan is now dating former reality TV star and current media personality Vanessa Macias, according to

After an offseason filled with acrimony and bitterness leading to his divorce from longtime wife and former college sweetheart Amy Duncan, the San Antonio Spurs star appears to have moved on.

BlackSports previously reported Amy Duncan berated her now former husband throughout much of the proceedings, including hinting that she had long suspected he might be gay. She later claimed in court documents another man once even lived under the same roof as the couple over the first two years of their marriage.

The website also reports attorneys for Duncan admitted during proceedings he once hired a private investigator to tail his wife because he suspected she might be cheating on him with her personal trainer, later identified as Gilbert Urbano. The two were formally divorced during a secret hearing in August where the judge shielded the proceedings from the media.

The spotlight comes as nothing new for the 33-year-old Macias, who was recently spotted courtside at one of Duncan's games wearing a Spurs tank top. According to BlackSports she starred on the 20th incarnation of The Amazing Race in 2012, competing with former boyfriend Ralph Kelley and finishing in fourth place.

More recently, Macias embarked on a career in broadcasting. She co-hosted a morning radio show for KCYY in San Antonio, Texas, and currently works as a stadium announcer for the San Antonio Missions minor league baseball team and the San Antonio Scorpions soccer team.

Several media outlets have also reported Macias was previously arrested for DUI in 2012 in Texas

'Catching Fire' tops box office with $161.1 million opening weekend

'Catching Fire' tops box office with $161.1 million opening weekend, Moviegoers satiated their appetite for the "Hunger Games" franchise by making the sequel "Catching Fire" one of the year's biggest hits.

"The Hunger Games: Catching Fire" opened with $161.1 million at the domestic weekend box office, according to studio estimates Sunday.

It became the biggest November debut ever, as well as Lionsgate's most lucrative opening.

The result fell short of some expectations and failed to dethrone the year's biggest box-office opening, "Iron Man 3" with $174 million. But the film opened massively worldwide, taking in a total of $307.7 million.

The marketplace largely ceded the weekend to "Catching Fire." The only other new wide release was Disney's Vince Vaughn comedy "Delivery Man," which sputtered to an $8.2 million opening.

The box-office performance for "Catching Fire" establishes "Hunger Games," starring Jennifer Lawrence as the archer heroine of Suzanne Collins' young adult series, as among the elite franchises in movies. The budget nearly doubled from the original and Francis Lawrence took over directing duties from Gary Ross. "Catching Fire" received better reviews and drew a broader audience.

"When the first film was released, there was this idea that it was going to appeal largely to young girls," said Paul Dergarabedian, senior media analyst for box-office tracker Rentrak. "But over time, it's skewing back toward male audiences. There's actually a lot of action, there's violence in the movie. It's crossing over to a much broader base."

The domestic opening for "Catching Fire" is the fourth best ever, following "The Avengers ($207 million), "Iron Man 3" and "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part II" ($169 million).

Record keeping, though, has become more complicated in recent years at the box office. Higher-priced 3-D or IMAX screenings can boost revenue, as can early screenings. "Catching Fire," which earned 8 percent of its gross from IMAX showings, counted $25 million from Thursday night screenings among its weekend total.

The original "Hunger Games" earned $152.5 million in its opening weekend in March 2012, but didn't debut until midnight screenings Thursday.

"It's really become a phenomenon," said David Spitz, head of distribution for Lionsgate. "We've established now a better opening than the first, and now we're entering into the Thanksgiving and Christmas period, which is very, very lucrative."

After two weeks atop the box office, "Thor: The Dark World," released by Disney, slid to second with $14.1 million. After an impressive opening, the romantic comedy "The Best Man Holiday" added $12.5 million for a two-week total of $50.4 million.

Overseas, the critical and box-office hit "Gravity" from Warner Bros. opened big in China. The Sandra Bullock space adventure added $46.6 million to its international total in its eighth week of release. Its cumulative haul is up to $577 million.

Estimated ticket sales for Friday through Sunday at U.S. and Canadian theaters, according to Rentrak. Where available, latest international numbers for Friday through Sunday are also included. Final domestic figures will be released Monday.

1. "The Hunger Games: Catching Fire," $161.1 million ($146.6 million international).

2. "Thor: The Dark World," $14.1 million ($24.8 million international).

3. "The Best Man Holiday," $12.5 million.

4. "Delivery Man," $8.2 million ($1.2 million international).

5. "Free Birds," $5.3 million ($575,000 international).

6. "Last Vegas," $4.4 million ($2.4 million international).

7. "Bad Grandpa," $3.5 million ($2.4 million international).

8. "Gravity," $3.3 million ($46.6 million international).

9. "12 Years a Slave," $2.8 million.

10. "Dallas Buyers Club," $2.8 million.


Estimated weekend ticket sales Friday through Sunday at international theaters (excluding the U.S. and Canada) for films distributed overseas by Hollywood studios, according to Rentrak:

1. "The Hunger Games: Catching Fire," $146.6 million.

2. "Gravity," $46.6 million.

3.  "Thor: The Dark World," $24.8 million.

4. "Fack Ju Gohte," $8.3 million.

5.  "Captain Phillips," $6.8 million. 6. "The Counselor," $5.4 million.

7.  "Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs 2," $5 million.

8. "Friends 2," $4 million.

(tie) "Me, Myself and Mum," $4 million.

10. "Sole A Catinelle," $3.2 million.

WWE Hall of Famer 'Mad Dog' Vachon dies

WWE Hall of Famer 'Mad Dog' Vachon dies, Maurice 'Mad Dog' Vachon, a onetime Olympian who became a WWE Hall of Famer and is credited with being one of the first wrestlers to play to the TV cameras, died this week at his home in Omaha, according to reports. He was 84.

Vachon wrestled for Canada in the 1948 London Games and won gold at the 1950 British Empire Games. But he had perhaps his greatest success as a growling, gap-toothed villain in World Wrestling Entertainment, where he battled Jesse Ventura and many others.

"He was the first wrestler to understand the power of television," said Yves Theriault, who directed a 2009 documentary on Vachon. "He was the first wrestler to speak to the camera."

Vachon retired in 1986 and kept from making a comeback by a jogging collision with a car that cost him a leg the following year. But like a true wrestler, he made a memorable cameo at a 1996 WWE event, where he allowed another wrestler to use his artificial leg to beat an opponent.

He was inducted into the Hall in 2004.

David Amaya Barrick, Chicago Man, To Reunite With Mother 34 Years After Being Abducted As Toddler

David Amaya Barrick, Chicago Man, To Reunite With Mother 34 Years After Being Abducted As Toddler, A U.S.-born man who was abducted as a child, taken to Mexico and robbed of all his money in a harrowing trek back to the United States more than three decades later has found refuge at a San Diego church that is trying to reunite him with his mother in Wisconsin.

David Amaya Barrick, 37, was arrested by U.S. Border Patrol agents last month but freed after convincing authorities of his U.S. citizenship and contacting his mother for the first time since his 1979 abduction - only to vanish again for several days.

His mother, Kathy Amaya, 60, was so distraught by his disappearance that she called San Diego police last week to report him missing.

He ended up at the Iglesia de Cristo Minesterios Llamada Final, where church officials said on Tuesday they were trying to arrange a reunion with his mother, who lives in Eau Claire, Wisconsin.

"We are going to find a way to get him to his family," said Pastor Freddy Rivas. "The grace of God brought him to our shelter and the grace of God will get him to his family."

Barrick was abducted from Chicago by his father and taken to Mexico, where he was left with his paternal grandparents. He grew up in the north-central Mexican state of San Luis Potosi, seeing his father a few times, then made his way to the northeastern city of Monterrey, where he studied music.

Last week, he illegally crossed into California from Mexico with undocumented immigrants and was arrested by the U.S. Border Patrol about a mile east of the Pacific Ocean. In detention, he told Border Patrol agents that he was born in a Chicago hospital and is a U.S. citizen.

He also told the border agents he had been beaten and robbed of his money, cell phone and Mexican identification before entering the United States.

The agents checked out his story and were able to locate his birth certificate and his mother - putting the two in touch over the phone in an emotional long-distance call. Because Amaya speaks only Spanish, agents acted as translators.

"When the Border Patrol agents told me they found my mother, I could not believe it. I started crying," Barrick recounted in an interview with Reuters on Tuesday, speaking through an interpreter. "I arrived in San Diego with nothing, nothing, and now I have a family.

Amaya recounted being stunned to hear from her son after 34 years.

"He thought I abandoned him, they told him I abandoned him," Amaya said. "The phone call was a miracle, I looked for him for so long."

After putting mother and son back in touch over the phone, the border agents arranged for Barrick to stay at a downtown San Diego shelter. But when Barrick got there, he was turned away, Rivas said.

"He was wandering around downtown with his pockets empty and he saw our catering truck," Rivas said. "He was standing and staring at the food and I knew he was hungry. I started talking to him and he told me his story."

Rivas said he fed Barrick and brought him to the church, where he is staying until he can be reunited with his mother.

"We talked to her this morning and she was so happy," Rivas said. "She kept saying, 'after 34 years, I'm going to see my baby.'"

Tangible Obama Iran

Tangible Obama Iran, President Barack Obama on Saturday hailed a deal reached by Western powers with Iran over its nuclear program, calling it "the most significant and tangible progress that we've made with Iran since I took office."

"While today's announcement is just a first step, it achieves a great deal,” Obama said.

The president spoke less than two hours after Secretary of State John Kerry and leaders from five other world powers reached an agreement in Geneva with Iran.

The deal between the Islamic state and the United States, France, Germany, Britain, China and Russia was nailed down after more than four days of negotiations. Kerry and foreign ministers of the five other world powers joined the talks with Iran early on Saturday.

The goal of the talks was to reach an agreement to limit advancements in Iran's nuclear program, while offering Tehran limited relief from painful economic sanctions.

While the "first step" deal is currently set to last for just six months, it also makes a final comprehensive nuclear agreement between Iran and the world powers suddenly more feasible.

According to the White House, the deal stipulates that Iran will commit to halt uranium enrichment above 5 percent and also to neutralize its stockpile of near-20 percent uranium. The Islamic Republic has also committed to halt progress on its enrichment capacity. Iran will also halt work at its plutonium reactor and provide access to nuclear inspectors.

These steps, Obama said, will "cut off Iran’s most likely paths to a bomb.”

In exchange, the United States and its allies have agreed to offer Iran "modest relief" from economic sanctions and access to a portion of the revenue that the country has been denied through these sanctions. No new sanctions will be imposed, Obama said.

"If Iran does not fully meet its commitment, we will turn off the relief and ratchet up the pressure," Obama said, adding that Iran must prove to the world that its nuclear program will be exclusively for peaceful purposes.

The president said that negotiations toward a comprehensive solution will continue over the next six months, and he warned that "huge challenges" remained.

"As we go forward, the resolve of the United States will remain firm, as will our commitment to our friends and allies - particularly Israel and our Gulf partners, who have good reason to be skeptical about Iran's intentions," he said. 

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