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Celebrity plastic surgery

Celebrity plastic surgery
Celebrity plastic surgery. Secrecy and subtlety are no longer hallmarks of plastic surgery, especially for some augmentation extremists. The billion-dollar industry has yielded some notable and notorious celebrity makeovers. 
Joan Rivers
The image-conscious comedian skewered an eye-catching actress for years, but now she's her own punch line.
Lisa Rinna
The former daytime soap opera star relocated her sudsy pedigree to a nighttime address, but her signature enhancement eventually became tabloid fodder. 
Kenny Rogers
The country music superstar made one of his biggest hits with another plastic surgery devotee, but only his cosmetic work rises eyebrows.
Donatella Versace
Nearly 15 years after her famous brother's death, the muse-turned-mogul's cosmetically altered features are as famous as her fashions.
Tara Reid
The teen show alum became a hot young movie star before her plastic-surgery experiences made her a celebrity tabloid staple.
Lil' Kim
Famous for committing a federal offense, the skimpily dressing rapper's cosmetic makeover has made her infamous among celebrity chroniclers.
Lara Flynn Boyle
Lara Flynn Boyle hit the celebrity radar for her role in a 1990s TV cult classic (watch the video) but spent the next two decades on Hollywood lists for her altered features.
Janice Dickinson
The supermodel-turned-reality show veteran has courted controversy for years with famous boyfriends and her noteworthy cosmetic work.
Mickey Rourke
After reprising his boxing career, Mickey Rourke went under the surgeon's knife to repair pugilistic injuries, but the reconstructive work became a cautionary tale. 
Ashlee Simpson
While her older sister gained star-making wattage first, the pop singer became a plastic-surgery sensation when she had some work done. 
Jennifer Grey
Jennifer Grey became a movie star without altering her face. But when she had plastic surgery, she became notorious for being almost unrecognizable.

Dumb criminal moves

Dumb criminal moves

The latest roundup of criminally inane outlaws will leave you shaking your head and breathing a deep sigh
Take a look at these unusual suspects you’ll find everything from alleged rock robbers to ashes addicts to misdialing miscreants.
Dressed to transgress
This Indiana man opted to protect his identity when he allegedly attacked his former roommate with a sword. See his version of a mask. What’s the best way to break into a museum devoted to nature? Why, blending in like this guy, of course. Take a look. An Ohio man employed an un-P.C. trick when he set about robbing four banks and a drugstore. Here’s his disguise of choice. Mr. Whipple would no doubt disapprove of this convenience store crook’s ruse.
No respect for the dead
There are grave robbers, and then there are those who can’t wait that long and hit up the funeral instead. These three Florida burglars found powder and started snorting. Unfortunately, it wasn’t drugs that they’d found. Technically, this Mississippi man wasn’t stealing anything at all.
Public enemies’ No. 1
All those brains and this is the best revenge plot a California math professor could come up with? At some point, this Pennsylvania woman’s date went terribly awry. Here are her Facebook reflections on the matter. If this true crime story were turned into a movie, it could be called The Great California Cup Caper.
Driving While Idiotic
To fully appreciate the irony of Matthew Nieveen’s DUI arrest, you have to see how he was dressed at the time. This Florida dad took the phrase “don’t drive drunk” to ridiculous extremes. Here’s the excuse he gave for passing the keys. Reportedly, he was feeling woozy, too. Here’s another dad who’s not clear on what the legal driving age is. From the looks of his mug shot, his priorities were crystal clear.
A hitch in the giddy-up
Florida deputies had no problem tracking down this slow-moving perp. A New York teen on the lam gave a new meaning to the term "horsepower.” These two thieves got their just desserts after picking a highly conspicuous getaway vehicle. This thief tried to get away on foot but was foiled by an ironic obstacle. This Florida man stole more than just meat from the local Winn-Dixie, letting nothing (and no one) stand in his way. This was his battle cry.
Honesty is the best policy
She’s not a doctor, but she plays one at bars. Check out her assumed name. If you’re going to try to hoodwink a bank with a fake check, you may as well go big. Perhaps this would-be bank robber should’ve employed a little less honesty.
Critter-related crimes
Resuscitating road kill is a sure sign that you’ve had one too many. For animal lovers like this woman, a stuffed animal just won’t cut it. Mexican police didn’t cotton to this traveler’s monkeyshines. Move over, cupcakes; a Japanese duo may be on to the latest snack craze.
Communications breakdown
If you’re going to solicit drugs via text, at least be sure you have the right number. True criminal masterminds know to keep their friends close; guess that leaves this guy out. We’ve heard of calling ahead with a reservation, but this Canadian crime is ridiculous. Meanwhile, in Connecticut, more would-be thieves dialed in their deviance. When Facebook asked, “What’s on your mind?” this guy’s answer was crime.
Finger-lickin’ felonies
Here’s a pizza parlor heist that’s straight out of the funny pages. This elderlyIdaho woman should’ve held the mayo. Maybe this Florida corrections officerthought it was lettuce. Some cravings are just too strong to control.
Crooks who don’t have a clue
If Florida cops weren’t sure they had the right perp, his telltale tattoo reassured them. And here’s another man who should’ve considered less conspicuous ink when he took up a life of crime. (There’s no mistaking this mug.)So trite, yet so true this Memphis bandit left a red-hot trail. He would’ve gotten away with it, too, if it weren’t for those kids and their pesky digital camera. Excuse me, sir. You dropped something.
Looney lethal weapons
It’s going to take a lot more than a few Hail Marys to save this robber's soul. When these two went for a beer run, they made their loot do double duty. There’s no way this Connecticut woman got anything but coal last Christmas. While most folks would use a bank card to retrieve cash from an ATM, one Florida man had an idea that would make more of an impact.

Alleged celebrity murder plots

Alleged celebrity murder plots
Alleged celebrity murder plots. Celebrity status may have its perks, but dealing with attempted murder is not one of them. This British soul singer recently found out first hand. See which stars have survived plots against their life.
Joss Stone
British soul singer Joss Stone may have recently escaped robbery and possible death when police arrested two men outside of her English country home in an alleged murder plot. The two men were armed with ropes, a body bag and detailed maps to the home's grounds.
N Sync
Former boy band 'N Sync's good looks and slick dance moves may have delighted teen girls, but they also drove one Tennessee boy to plan for their death. Who were the band members
Mick Jagger
According to recently revealed FBI reports, the Hell's Angels had it in for The Rolling Stones front man Mick Jagger. They allegedly planned to invade his Long Island home and kill the singer
Sandra Bullock
America's sweetheart had a big year in 2010 with her high profile divorce from Jesse James, adopting a son and winning an Oscar. Top it off with a murder threat. The FBI reports it received calls from a man claiming he was “ordered to kill” the star.
Jon Cryer
Charlie Sheen's antics nearly shut down “Two and a Half Men" for good, but when the FBI received news a hit man had been hired to kill co-star Jon Cryer, the whole cast was put on high alert. The set was even closed for a day while the FBI investigated.
Hugh Hefner
It got real when it was alleged another famous adult publisher wrote a $1 million check to an ex-security guard for the alleged killing of Playboy magnate Hugh Hefner.
Frank Sinatra
"Old Blue Eyes" made an enemy of Hustler publisher Larry Flynt when he hung out with Playboy publisher Hugh Hefner. Flynt reportedly wrote a check for the killing of Sinatra and Hefner in 1983, but the whole thing could have been a joke.
Randy Quaid
Randy Quaid and wife Evi ran to Canada seeking “refugee status” to escape alleged
“Hollywood star whackers," a plot they said involved the murder of several celebrities.
Miley Cyrus
Miley Cyrus and her "Hanna Montana" fans escaped death when FBI agents caught a 16-year-old boy attempting to highjack a plane in Nashville. The teen allegedly planned to crash the plane into Cyrus' Lafayette, La. concert.

Cult classic movies

Cult classic movies
Cult classic movies. Despite never gaining mainstream fame, some films have achieved cult status and enduring loyalty – inspiring midnight showings, festivals and sing-alongs. Twenty-five years after the release of "Labyrinth," we take a then-and-now look at the actors who helped these films earn their place in history.
Howard the Duck
The 1986 comedy science-fiction film was based on a Marvel comic book and focuses on an alien anthropomorphic duck, Howard, who is accidently transported to Earth from Duckworld.
The Rocky Horror Picture Show
In this parody of science fiction and horror films, a newly engaged couple must look to the bizarre residence of Dr. Frank-N-Furter for help after they break down in an isolated area.
This Is Spinal Tap
The four main characters shared writing credits for this 1984 all-star mockumentary, which spoofs the rock 'n' roll scene. While it opened to modest success, it has since earned wide acclaim from critics and fans.
The 1989 dark satire of teenage suicide depicts a four-girl clique, three members of which are named Heather, and how they rule their Ohio high school through manipulation and intimidation
The 1985 Ridley Scott fairy tale about good vs. evil earned an Academy Award – but not for acting – and has enjoyed a strong cult following.
Directed by Jim Henson, the plot of this 1986 fantasy film revolves around a young woman's quest to rescue her little brother from the Goblin King while trapped in a massive, unearthly maze
Written, directed and starring Kevin Smith, the 1994 cult classic depicts a day in the life of two store clerks and their customers. Financed largely by credit cards, the film was shot for just this much
Reservoir Dogs
After a supposedly simple jewelry heist goes wrong in this 1992 flick, the surviving crooks begin to suspect that one of them is a police snitch.
The Big Lebowski
In a case of mistaken identity, The Dude seeks repayment from a millionaire after thugs urinate on his rug in the 1998 film. Called the first cult classic in the Internet era, it has inspired Lebowski Fests all over the country.
Donnie Darko
In this 2001 suspense film, a disturbed teen is plagued by visions of a large bunny rabbit that manipulates him into committing a series of crimes.
The Goonies
A group of childhood pals goes on an adventure to find buried pirate treasure to save their homes from demolition in the 1985 movie
Repo Man
After being fired from his job and finding out his girlfriend left him for his best pal, a young punk rocker in Los Angeles falls in with the wrong crowd in search of a mysterious car in this 1984 cult hit.
Pee-wee's Big Adventure
The 1985 adventure comedy that launched Pee-wee on a countrywide search for his stolen bicycle was one of director Tim Burton's first blockbuster successes

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Celebrity Recipes

Celebrity Recipes

Celebrity recipes.Celebrities are cooking these days, or at least promoting the unseen image of themselves in an apron. Actually, only Coolio and Gwyneth Paltrow have posed in an apron. Check out these recipes from the stars, and try making one.

Bill Clinton
His famous appetite has inspired several diet campaigns, such as losing 20 pounds for a monumental event .One of his favorite indulgences is lemon chess pie.
Kristen Stewart
Robert Pattinson gave a very glowing review of Kristen Stewart's loquat crumble recipe recently. Watch them talk about baking and eating loquats.
Barack Obama family
President Barack Obama says that he has been making his Obama family chili recipe since his college days and that it's good for potluck dinners and on the hot dogs he is often photographed eating
Laura Bush
She baked Cowboy Cookies in the governor's mansion in Texas and the White House and won a prize for them in recipe contest . Get more chocolate chip cookie recipes.
David Beckham
Is the soccer star hinting about a new career by talking about cooking, or is his wife, Victoria, just really lucky? Simple grilled prawns recipes sound perfect for the pop singer, who likes sauces on the side.
Drew Barrymore
The movie star loves broccoli rabe, which is usually prepared very simply. Her latest film
Whoopi Goldberg
The moderator of "The View" got a special cooking lesson she really needed. Watch Tyler Florence teach Goldberg how to prepare filet mignon. See recipes for pepper-crusted filet mignon.
Olympia Dukakis
Olympia Dukakis cooks for her diabetic husband, Louis Zorich, healthy meals such as broiled salmon and mixed vegetables with pasta.
Marilyn Monroe
"Fragments: Poems, Intimate Notes, Letters" includes a handwritten exotic recipe by Monroe. Food historians think the recipe may be from her short, but much photographed, romance and marriage to baseball hero Joe DiMaggio
Sheryl Crow
Sheryl Crow took a break from creating music to promote her new cookbook on TV .Watch Crow cook Rockin' Trout.
Watch Coolio demonstrate how to make the blasian dish Soul Rolls. It's from his cookbook, "Cooking With Coolio: 5 Star Meals at a 1 Star Price"
Gwyneth Paltrow
This singing, dancing, acting celebrity is on the cover of Bon App├ętit magazine in June.Watch her interviewed about her cookbook, "My Father's Daughter"

Sara Ramirez
Dr. Callie Torres is flaunting her Broadway singing abilities on "Grey's Anatomy" .But she also cooks a mean Key lime pie.

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