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Pia Zadora to Attend Anger Management, Alcohol Rehab

Pia Zadora to Attend Anger Management, Alcohol Rehab
Pia Zadora to Attend Anger Management, Alcohol Rehab
Pia Zadora to Attend Anger Management, Alcohol Rehab, Singer-actress Pia Zadora is being sent to rehab by a Las Vegas Township Judge. Zadora was arrested in June at her home in Summerlin, NV, for accusations that she attacked her son after an argument. If Zadora stays out of trouble for a year, completes an alcohol program and attends impulse control counseling, charges against her will be dropped. The Judge’s requirement was accompanied by a 30-day suspended sentence. A status check on the B-star’s progress is scheduled for 10 October.

Pia Zadora issued a cryptic statement on her official Facebook and other pages on 7 June: “Those close to me realize the personal challenges that my family has been facing. We are all okay. Things are not the way they have been presented in the press. I can’t really explain it all to you right now, but as things unravel you will understand.”

According to arrest reports that surfaced shortly after her June arrest, Zadora was at home with her son, stepson and husband. Zadora and husband Michael Jeffries, a detective with the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department, had been drinking when Zadora decided to go to bed asking her 16-year-old son Jordan and Jeffries to come inside and asking her 32-year-old stepson Michael Jeffries Jr. to leave. Apparently frustrated by the men’s refusal to break up their gathering, Zadora grabbed a garden hose and began spraying everyone. Husband, Jeffries, tried to calm Zadora down when she scratched him and allegedly scratched and punched Jeffries Jr. Zadora is pictured here with son Jordan on his 16th birthday, before the altercations.

In the early morning, Jordan attempted a 911 call but Zadora tried to stop him; reports do not specify what prompted the call. Jordan claims his mother grabbed his head from behind and scratched his ear, and may have choked him for, “just a second.”

Police arrived at the residence around 4 am when, according to Jordan, the rest of the family prevented him from opening the door and offered him a bribe to lie about the incident. The police officers entered through an unlocked sliding door when no one answered and voices were clearly heard inside. Provocations persisted, prompting police to exit the house and establish a perimeter around the house, drawing in the SWAT team.

All of the residents were extracted with no injuries to the parties involved. Zadora says that she was sleeping during most of the buffoonery. When interviewed by police, Zadora admitted to drinking alcohol and confirmed the hose-spraying confrontation. She says her son’s refusal to go to bed upset her and the attempt to prevent the 911 call was because he was unnecessarily bothering the authorities rather than going to sleep.

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