Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Justin Bieber charity hair auction $40,668 gentle barn

Justin Bieber charity hair auction $40,668 gentle barn, Do you remember Bieber’s hair back in 2011? Then you remember it gone right? Well what on earth happened to that hair!

You would be forgiven for thinking it probably slinked off and started a pop career, then miserably failed before going into obscurity. That didn’t happen!

It wasn’t swept up and thrown away either though! The hair was delivered to Ellen, who then put it up on Ebay (not for her own profit)! The prize went through the roof and reached $40,688!

The cash went to a good cause. The Gentle Barn Foundation, an animal rescue charity! Great cause. purchased the hair and had plans to put it on show on Bieber tours, to earn more cash for charity. We are not sure if that plan came to light!

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