Thursday, 15 August 2013

Liz Cavalier married to Justin Choate

Liz Cavalier married to Justin Choate, There aren't many lady gator hunters in South Louisiana. But I am proud to say I am one of them. I was always in the Marsh South of Houma with my parents Mother Ella Dupre and Father C J Dupre.  My mother was in the boat a lot but she was always preparing gator meat once the gators were skinned and cleaned.  She always had great food prepared for us and she gave up her time to make us happy.  She was a hard working woman that taught me how to be just like her.

She was and still is an angel.  My father taught me the ways of the land; how to hunt and live off the land.  We stayed in the marsh year round.  I was with my father in the boat all of the time.  I watched him and learned what he did.  He would never let me put my hands in the way of gators on the line...

but I didn't listen hard headed I did it anyway. When we would get to the camp I had a pet there, his name was Charlie-Pie.  He was an alligator about seven foot long. Charlie would come when I clapped my hands and called "Come Charlie-Pie".  My mom and dad would go into the camp.

There was no more bread and no more crackers left, I fed it all to Charlie-Pie.  Charlie-pie would come and I 'd feed him right out of my hands.  My dad would fuss scared he would take me in with him.  So he put a line out from the wharf and caught Charlie-Pie.  I cried for days angry but I understood how alligators are animals that you don't play around with.

Thanks to wildlife and Fisheries for putting a control on the gator population in September.  Because I would not have a wonderful life as I have.  I enjoy doing gator hunting and would not miss it for nothing.  It is in my blood.  Mom and dad are both passed on now, but I know they are always with me when I am out there in the marsh.  I live for that.  I would also like to thank my husband Justin for supporting me these last couple of years and helping me pull those big gators in the boat. I’m especially thankful for my daughter Jessica and two stepsons Destin and Daimon, who are carrying the tradition on; an also my family and friends for their support and love through the years.

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